Do Nonprofits Ever Pay Taxes?

When you think about a nonprofit, the first thing that often comes to mind is that it is tax-exempt. Most nonprofits are not subject to federal, state, and local income tax. Does that mean nonprofits are completely free of ANY tax liability? The answer to this is likely no – there are still some taxes […]

How to Make Estimated Tax Payments

If you are paid a salary and receive a W-2 from your employer, part of your paycheck goes to Uncle Sam as federal withholding. These are payments toward your taxes. If you earn additional income beyond your salaried income, if you are under-withheld, or if you have your own business, you may need to make […]

ABLE Accounts – Final Regulations

ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) accounts are for eligible individuals with a disability – they are tax-favored savings accounts to which contributions can be made to help pay for qualified disability expenses. The IRS recently released final regulations providing guidance related to various issues surrounding the requirements for 529A ABLE accounts. ABLE accounts were […]